Western Sydney Emmaus

What is Emmaus?

ornament1 The Walk to Emmaus is a “Health Farm” for your faith, a fourth day movement that will revitalise your faith and passion for Christ and it will prepare you for your walk with Christ, the next day and every day thereafter.

What to Expect

ornament1 The walk to Emmaus is a time for reflection, a time to experience Christs love in a way that will touch you deeply, challenge you emotionally and leave you knowing without doubt you are loved, cherished and relevant.

Our History

ornament1The movement started in the USA in 1957 and in 1985 the Uniting Church became the official sponsor of the Australian Walk to Emmaus movement with the purpose of making Emmaus a spiritual renewal for church leadership

Where can I Connect?

ornament1The Walk to Emmaus has grown rapidly in Australia and there are now 24 communities nationwide including at least one in every state and territory.

Upcoming Events

What's new?

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Robert M
The Walk to Emmaus changed my life completly when I came to realise I was loved by so many people.
Helen M
I had a revelation of how much God loved me. A transformation of head knowledge to heart knowledge
Jacqui M
Up until Emmaus my relationship with God was very much based on head knowledge. Emmaus strated me on the path to a heart and head relationship.
Garry M
A greater understanding of Grace, power of prayer. I had a very personal experience as well that is hard to put on paper.
Rosemary K
Brought me closer to the Lord and all that He has done for me.
Nicky P
It opened my eyes to the love of God through the people who ran the weekend.
Emma D
Showed me god's love. Showed me that I have something to offer the world. Showed me that I can overcome my spiritual problems with God's help and support.
Jon W
Prepared me for the next part of my Journey. Gave me confidence to step out in faith.
Faye L
Got me in front of a microphone - took on leading Bible Study group Have a lot more confidence and grown in my walk with Jesus.
Laraine M
Gave me more conference to talk about what I believe.
Linda I
I felt led to go to Bible College and am looking forward to seeing where God leads me from here.
Pam C
The Emmaus walk was a time of spiritual rest and refreshment for me. I have a great deal of responsibility in my ministry and it was a blessing to be cared for and nurtured. I was blessed by the worship times and the many talks that were presented. I was impacted by the personal testimony and the depth of the teaching. I also enjoyed the fellowship.
Deidre D
I realised for the first time that I was truly saved and that my salvation wasn't dependent on my own good behaviour.